Thank you for supporting us!

The money you have donated goes to support hundreds of people in need across Northamptonshire, and every penny really makes a difference.

Some of our recent benificiaries

If you are a Northamptonshire based business, we need your help.

We’re keen to build relationships and regular support from Northamptonshire businesses, and in turn we’ll showcase your business on the website and with supporter communications.

You can set up a regular donation from as little as £25 per month which would enable you to become part of this community.

In turn, you would receive:-

  • Significant local networking opportunities.
  • Use the NCA logo and the logos of the Charities we support.
  • Regular charity updates and stories from those who benefit.
  • Opportunity to nominate your particular Cause for funding.
  • Free Invitation to our annual Ball.

If you would like to become a supporter, please use these links to sign up via our GoCardless service.

If you are still undecided or have a few question then please e-mail us.

Together we can make a much bigger difference to our local communities than working apart