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Join physiotherapist Bernadette Armstrong and Pilates teacher Karen Grinter and get the low down on the best way to get back on top and find out how to manage back pain in this Zoom webinar on Wednesday 15th March at 7pm.

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Both have been working in Northamptonshire for the past 25 years or more and between them have a wealth of experience and knowledge working with people with back problems and getting them back on track and taking away the fear of movement.

This webinar will cover common back problems, what can cause them and how to manage them.

* Dispel a few myths about back pain.

* How over the counter painkillers can be used.

* That you can have back pain without having an accident, injury or damage and that’s normal!

* What types of treatment is available and how much you can manage yourself to get on top of niggles and what may need further investigation.

* What is the best way to get moving, what types of exercise is good for helping you get stronger and feel confident that you can do all the things you love to do or even just be able to do everyday stuff we all need to do.

MINIMUM DONATION £5 PLEASE. Ensure you leave your email address so we can send you the link for the webinar.

HOW IT WORKS – 30 minutes before the start of the webinar we will email you a link. Log in using the link on any device. Once we are all set up we open up the waiting room and let you in. There will be a chance to ask questions if we have time using the chat box.

WHY WE ARE DOING IT – we’ve both worked with people with back problems for many years and we know how debilitating it can be, we have an opportunity to take the fear away, give you facts not fiction and raise money for a great local charity.

Don’t just take our word for it!


Here is my story. After a year of back pain, I had spinal surgery in September 2019 to stop that pain or so I thought! I ended up still in pain and pretty fearful of movement. I remember being frightened of twisting, tripping , falling and even bending really and was stiff and upright. I heard Pilates might help and found yourselves. I came for my introduction and it was an eye opener. I kept thinking “ I won’t be able to get into that position!” Rather embarrassingly, I remember being on my front and asking how to get out of this position! That’s how bad I was! I joined a regular class and haven’t looked back. The clear instructions for each movement, even down to when to breathe and corrections when necessary, began to give me confidence to move more. Still struggling with pain though, you gave me the details of Bernadette the physio. She has been amazing and I swear she has x-ray eyes! She knows exactly where the problem is and explains everything in simple terms so I get it! By understanding what isn’t working properly in my body I can work towards making things better. It works! I am stronger, more confident and generally, in less pain. I can now do movements in class that I couldn’t do to begin with and even a year ago. Even when I do have some discomfort, I know I need to move and stretch it out and not go into protective panic mode. I also have enough knowledge to be able to do exercise at home when things are stiff and can often be found after a day at work lying on the floor doing spine curls!

You two wonderful ladies have given me so much confidence and knowledge about how to become stronger and more flexible and I will be forever grateful.



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